The Nollywood movie industry is one of the biggest industries in the West Africa with large actors and actresses. There have been some actors and actresses who have left the scenes for sometime now. Although some have been declared dead, they are rather alive but battling with death.

  1. Die-wait Ikpechukwu

Die-wait Ikpechukwu is one of the actors who has been in the industry for years. He’s normally known for his roles as a king and also playing the part of an elder in the palace. Although he’s not seen in new movies, he is very much alive.

2. Victor Olaotan

Victor Olaotan is a veteran actor who has also played a major role in most movies especially soap operas. He played a role in popular soap opera Tinsel. His health deteriorated after he was involved in a serious accident.

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3. Ifeanyi Ezeokeke

Ifeanyi was on of the early actors in the 90s who played major role in the movie industry. It was reported in January 2020 that the actor was down with a strange illness and needed financial help. Although he’s still alive, he’s also battling with death.

4. Sadiq Daba

Sadiq Daba was reportedly battling with Leukemia and prostate cancer since 2017. He also played major roles like an elder in the palace and also played roles like an elder in a village. News broke in the earlier months that his condition has worsen and is at the verge of losing his sight.

5. Leo Meize

Leo Meize who also contributed to the movie industry was reportedly suffering from kidney related disease. Although he was advised to go for a kidney transplant, he begun healing miraculously. He is however healing gradually.

6. Bruno Iwuoha

Veteran actor Bruno Iwuoha is reportedly suffering from diabetes and glaucoma. News broke in 2015 that he was going blind due to his condition. After his health condition was made public, the actor was flown to the States for treatment. He’s however under medication and still alive.