Olywizzy, Is out again with a project titled A Beginning this is a jam with a different sound entirely
has delivered a melodic tune to The world by teaming up with THREE (3) Nigerian artist Young stunner, Faesol, Blazer Young and a British singer Iam3am

The collection of work has Eight (8) incredible tunes that do not feature any special guests. Production credits go to Wizzy,Wiza,Little Fingers,Hitsound, and Big Jeezy.

A Beginning EP Tracklist:

  1. Raheenah DOWNLOAD
  2. Reason Ft Faesol, Young stunner DOWNLOAD
  3. Controller DOWNLOAD
  4. Fall down DOWNLOAD
  5. Who is olywizzy DOWNLOAD
  6. Mind Ft Blazer Young DOWNLOAD
  7. Gotta go Ft Iam3am DOWNLOAD
  8. No Way DOWNLOAD