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After We Got Married He Stopped Having S3x With Me – What Should I Do?


After We Got Married He Stopped Having S3x With Me – What Should I Do?

Janet just got married but her husband stopped sleeping with her or to simply put, they no longer share beds as couples. She doesn’t know why but she fears it because of a mistake she did. She narrated;
We have been married for 6 years but as soon as we got married, my husband no longer shares a bed with me. I have been sleeping alone every single night and when I asked why he refused to give me a reason.
Before marriage having s3x wasn’t a big deal irrespective of the occasion and season. It doesn’t matter even if I was in my period. It was always fun and full of pleasure.
But all this has been history for me for the past 6 years. I have even forgotten how the shape of a man’s private organ looks like or even feels like.
I haven’t seen him naked since the day we got married and even sometimes when I try to seduce him by walking naked in the house, it doesn’t work.
His gaze makes me feel like a stranger and not a woman who recently got married to a caring boyfriend years ago. Till date, he hasn’t given me an explanation and I wonder if has s3x.
Even when he does, as a wife, I don’t see it right to actually step out to cheat on my husband. I will be glad if he will just tell me what or where I did him wrong.
The truth be told, I know he cheats on me, but what can I do as I am trying my best to be a good wife. I have spoken to my pastor and church leaders, but even they couldn’t do anything about it.
If it is a family curse, I have to get rid of it, if it is a mistake I did, I would be happy to know and apologize. I need my husband and I want to feel like a wife.

Anjorin Abimbola Oluwaseun is the CEO of he is from imota Lagos Nigeria... He is a blogger and also a Dj. His stage name is Dj Bimbus

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