I told her let’s do it but she refused,then this happened.

A guy and a lady was seen fighting recently in front of a ShopRite.
It was a serious fight it took lot of intervention by people around to be able to separate this two.
From Questioning.

The Guy said: I asked this girl out and she agreed for us to date. Then later she said let’s go and have some fun since it was a valentine period, only for her to take me to ShopRite which we did shopping and ate. I got her alot of things hoping to have my way with her this night.

but all she did was to Carry all the things I bought her and she told me we would see tomorrow.
i said no na that she should come and spend the night with me but she refused telling me she was a born again that what are we going to do there.
i was disappointed with the money I spent this girl wanted to eat me raw then I started dragging her to give me all the things back which later ended in a fight.

after listening to the guy we discovered that the both said the same thing but the girl was hitting on the point that she can’t just do anything with a guy she just met and the guy was trying to have his way with her by force.
Now the question is
Why will you now eat his money since you people just met??
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