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See The 5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Easter Even With The COVID-19 Lockdown


See The 5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Easter Even With The COVID-19 Lockdown

These are the different ways you can still enjoy the Easter period during in COVID-19 lockdown.

Easter falls this weekend but it seems the usual fun-filled festivities might be damped as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.
Do not be sad! You can still get creative and enjoy a great weekend in your space even with the compulsory and unexpected lockdown.
With a little twist and innovation, you can feel festive and connect with your loved ones from afar in a bubble.
This year’s Easter norms might look different but the reason for the celebration remains intact.
Here are five ways you can enjoy Easter even with the stay at home order.

1. Join Online Church Service

Most churches have now made their worship services online. You can join others via different social media platforms to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.
Do not get moody and distracted while online. It is important you actively participate in all the activities to boost your mood for a great day ahead.

2. Wear Your Easter Dress

Staying indoors comes with the temptation of wearing comfy cloths all day long. Easter is a good opportunity to spice your look with an elegant look to actually feel and be in the moment.
Wear that exquisite attire you have locked down in your wardrobe and take good pictures to share with your loved ones.

3. Make A Classic Easter Meal

Get recipes for meals you have never made before and give yourself a treat.
Take pictures of your new culinary skill and share on social media for an interactive connection with your friends and family – Well, this is for those that have no issue putting their private life on social media.

4. Easter Fun Games

If you are with family, get an indoor game that involves the entire household and play. Games like scrabble, Ludo, chess or any familiar family game.
Adding fun punishment or reward will make the game more interesting.
If you are alone, you can participate in the series of challenges trending on social media and have fun.
A dance challenge would lighten your mood. Try it out!

5. Maximize The Social Media Space

Social media has become the home for most interactions lately. As such, all its tools should be utilized to make the most of the season.
Tools like video calls, conference call, group chats help to connect and interact with loved ones while celebrating Easter.
Hit our comment section and let us know how you are celebrating this Easter.

Anjorin Abimbola Oluwaseun is the CEO of he is from imota Lagos Nigeria... He is a blogger and also a Dj. His stage name is Dj Bimbus

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